Dear Ms. Auch:

The Manitoba Women's Advisory Council would like to thank you for helping to make "On the Edge of Tomorrow: Celebrating, Embracing Challenges" such a huge success. As a member of the organizing committee for this International Women's Conference, I appreciate the commitment of time and energy you've put into our celebration. I also recognize the need for women to share stories, insights and


strategies balancing between the past and the future. Your input into the Winning Women session did just that.

I also wanted to share some of the personal comments stated by women attending this conference to highlight the impact the day had on them. There was a general sense of "a good choice of speeches" and "lots of good questions and answers".

"I've gone to women's conferences all over the world and this is right-up-there with the best of them."

"I am going home to convince our Premier and Ministers to sponsor conferences like this in our province."

"What a stimulating day, I'm energized."

Congratulations for a job well done and thanks again for your tremendous contribution to the day's success.


Sandra Hasenack Chair