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Olympic quiz

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  What is the biggest advancement in technology that has made your skating faster?

There have been two major technological advances in the past 100 years;
First is the building of the indoor oval like the one built for the 1988 Olympics in Calgary.
Second was the introduction of the Klap skate in 1997. The Klap skate works by attaching a hinged mechanism between the boot and the blade allowing the blade to have contact with the ice for a longer period of time.

  What kind of training do you do in the off season to help your skating?
  Most of our fitness training is done in the off season-we bicycle, weight train, run, sprint up hills and inline skate.

  What other sports would you like to compete at if you had the opportunity?
  I have competed at bike racing in the past but for now I am happy do the other sports purely for recreation-I enjoy windsurfing, jogging, walking my dogs and riding my horse.

  How much does diet affect your performance?
  Diet affects everyone's performance but for an athlete it is very important to eat all of your meals plus small meals directly after training-I try to keep a balanced diet form all the major food groups with special emphasis on fruits and vegetables.

  Other than winning medals, what do you enjoy the most about going to the Olympics?
  I really enjoy meeting the athletes from all of the other sports at the Olympic Games.

  I know that athletes respond differently to pressure, how do you handle the pressure of competing at such a high level like the Olympic Games?
  I seem to have my best competitions at the Olympic Games-mainly I think due to focus. The extreme pressure and adrenaline of the Games helps me rise to a level higher than any other competition.

  How old were you when you started skating, and where would I go to get some information if I were interested in speed skating?
  I was 9 when I started speed skating-if you want to get involved you can try calling a local speed skating club or find a link on my site.

  Are you going to stay involved in speed skating after you retire from competition?
  Once I am done competitive skating I would like to stay involved in the sport possibly by coaching.

  What advice would you give to someone just starting out at speed skating?
  Remember to always have fun at what you are doing-there with be difficult days but if you are enjoying what you are doing and you have a goal you can get through those days.

  What made you decide to come out of retirement and compete again?
  I was in a coaching clinic and the instructor talked about people leaving sport before they are ready and regretting it for the rest of their lives.